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Begin School Letter 2014-15


2014-2015 School Year


School will begin on Monday, August 18, 2014.  The bell schedule will be:


                                            Elementary       High School

                   Bell to begin class   8:00am              8:00am

                   Bell to dismiss         3:18pm             3:15pm


If you know of any new families with school-age children in this district, please let them know that they need to come in to register their children.  They need to bring the child's immunization records, birth certificate and social security card (optional).


Please check with your local County Health Department if you have questions concerning required immunizations before entering Kindergarten and continuing through the 12th grade.  The Newton County Health Department can be reached at 870-446-2216 or 2217.  Attached are the new proposed immunization requirements.

Enclosed you will find:

-Free and reduced school meals application - Please fill out and return before school starts .  Please note that the meal prices have increased $ .05 from last year’s prices.                                      

Grades 7-12 will enroll the first day of classes, if not already pre-enrolled.  Elective classes will be filled with preference to upper-classmen. 


Attached is an application for free and reduced meals for your child(ren).  Please review the instructions, complete the required information and return to your school.


New students will be set up to pay full price ($ .95 for breakfast and $1.45 for lunch) until an application is returned and approved.  Returning students will qualify on last year’s eligibility for several weeks until a current form is received.  You will be notified of your child(ren)’s meal status as soon as your application is reviewed.


If students want to eat breakfast, we ask that they go directly to the cafeteria. Breakfast begins at 7:35am. The buses unload in front of the gym lobby.  The cafeteria is through the doors and to the left. 


We use the computerized Meal Tracker program.  Each student is assigned a bar code.  When students eat breakfast or lunch, their bar code will be scanned into the program.  Students are not identified in the cafeteria as to their meal status.  For those who pay reduced or full price, bills will be mailed monthly.  Please settle this account MONTHLY.  You may pay your bill at school or mail it to Deer School, P.O. Box 56, Deer, AR 72628.  Students may pay in advance, daily or monthly. 


Students may purchase an extra breakfast for $ .95 or an extra lunch for $1.45.  Students get 1/2  pint of milk and juice with breakfast and ½ pint of milk with lunch.  Extra juice is $ .25 and extra milk is $ .40. If your child brings a lunch and wants to get milk at school, please send $ .40 that day. All of the above items need to be paid for at the time the student gets them,  including extra meals.  These are a la carte items and cannot be charged and are not billed.


Adult prices for the school cafeteria are: Breakfast $1.85 and Lunch $3.25.  If you have any questions or we can be of help in any way, please feel free to call Kennetha McClelland at 428-5433.